To close the diversity gap, Google offers a free limited time course on coding


Google stunned women at their annual I/O developers conference earlier this week by offering free coding courses for three months! The Code School Learning program is an opportunity for women and minorities. The selection process in unclear and apparently all applicants will not be chosen. The bold move comes after Google published its own diversity report revealing […]


Before you share: 3 things to consider


Consider your personal feelings on this topic. Go onto your social media pages and imagine you’re a prospective employer. Take a look at the postings on your timelines. Pretend you are hiring for a position that requires someone who is trustworthy, hardworking and will represent your organization professionally. You’re scrolling your timelines and noticed an […]


Istanbul, Turkey is all that!


Istanbul is very much a cosmopolitan city- but 98% muslim so mosques everywhere and a few Byzantine churches- converted then into mosques- such a crossroads of history and culture.  I have been imagining Romans, Greeks, Ottomans, Crusaders (burly Germans, aristocratic Italians, argumentative Frenchmen– all kinds of people walking on the stones of the Hagia Sophia […]


Essentials of Professional Networking for Future Executives

Logo FE 2010

Social Networking is one of Future Executives, Inc. four pillars because we know it is an integral part of developing a future leader. We help and support leaders realize their dreams and place them in position to fulfill their aspirations.  TDanyel offers details  and tips on how to build a strong network. More young people today are realizing earlier […]


The lives of Natives in Cappodoccia, Turkey

See the orange things hanging on the line( in the middle of picture)? They are apricots that have been pressed into paste and into squares.

Well it is down to the last few days after an amazing month in Cappodoccia, as we leave early on Wednesday morning just a few more days to work and wrap things up. We did a day trip to the Illara Valley southwest of Ibrahimpasa, our village.  A place with a beautiful stream running through […]