Essentials of Professional Networking for Future Executives

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Social Networking is one of Future Executives, Inc. four pillars because we know it is an integral part of developing a future leader. We help and support leaders realize their dreams and place them in position to fulfill their aspirations.  TDanyel offers details  and tips on how to build a strong network. More young people today are realizing earlier […]


The lives of Natives in Cappodoccia, Turkey

See the orange things hanging on the line( in the middle of picture)? They are apricots that have been pressed into paste and into squares.

Well it is down to the last few days after an amazing month in Cappodoccia, as we leave early on Wednesday morning just a few more days to work and wrap things up. We did a day trip to the Illara Valley southwest of Ibrahimpasa, our village.  A place with a beautiful stream running through […]


“Harvard of China” or “Beida of U.S.”?


High school seniors in every country around the world need to think about their futures. Some of them want to work after high school, while others prefer to pursue further education. Those who want to pursue higher education cannot avoid asking themselves a question: “Which college should I go to?” Obviously, different students aim to […]


Frugal Fun-13 Olive Oil Uses


The olive is one of the oldest cultivated trees in the world. It’s native to the Middle East then spread throughout the Mediterranean shores of Africa and then to the Greeks and then the Romans. Olives have been found in Egyptian tombs from 2000 years BC, it is also mentioned all throughout the Bible for […]


Frugal Fun-11 Uses of Aloe Vera


  Aloe Vera, native to Northern Africa, is a water based plant (also referred to in the Bible) often called the “Miracle plant” or the “Natural healer” is one of the world’s most outstanding plants in herbal medicine. It can prevent and treat a number of diseases and harmful conditions. Aloe also provides us with […]


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