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The Adventures of Hip Hop Kids


As an educator and musician, part of my objective is to use music as a tool to educate children. Hip Hop 4′ Kidz, Inc. is divided into several components. One of the components is Hip Hop 4′ Kidz Musical Rhymes. Its primary mission is to create and produce educational melodic material for children, while providing teachers and parents additional instructional material designed to help develop their child’s social and academic growth. The Adventures of Hip Hop Kidz in Small Whirl County is a world of life learning experiences, in and out of school.

hip hop 4 kids
hip hop 4 kids

Hip Hop 4 Kidz’ Success

In 1997 HH4K produced a cd, that is now a classic, entitled “School’s N’ Session”. This cd has the following eight tracks;Alphabet Mode, Potty-Potty, Counting Numbers, The Direction Game, Colors-Colors, Don’t Talk To Strangers, Tell The Truth, and Start The Day. These songs are currently available for free. You may select up to three songs at no cost to you, and we will send them to you via email as an attachment. All we ask is that you provide a constructive response so that we may assess multiple views on our past material, and so that others may appreciate the value in what we do.

In the near future we’re projecting a new release that will be accompanied by literacy books, activity books, and worksheets. Our formula is simple, use bouncy beats with child friendly lyrics (Hip Hop 4′ Kidz – Musical Rhymes).

What song suggestions would you like to hear? and/or What suggestions in general would you like to add?

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