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Essentials of Professional Networking for Future Executives

Social Networking is one of Future Executives, Inc. four pillars because we know it is an integral part of developing a future leader. We help and support leaders realize their dreams and place them in position to fulfill their aspirations.  TDanyel offers details  and tips on how to build a strong network. More young people today are realizing earlier

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13-17yrs, 8-12yrs, blog series, commentary, inspirational, Motivational (Coaching, Speaking, etc), personal development, Wellness

Raw Fish &Lumpy Grits: for Success

Raw Fish & Lumpy Grits So after surviving the third interview, making it through the hiring and orientation process you are now happily settled it at your new job. The job is going well, your co- workers are nice and you are finally feeling at ease in your new work home. The bliss and euphoria

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Life Essentials for Success:Selecting Friends

How to Select the Right Friends: It does not matter the decade or for that matter the century we are in, being a teenager or a young adult is not easy. With our global community’s population totals pushing ever so closely to the seven billion mark communication, problem solving and decision making skills will be

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Life Essentials for Success: Strengthening and Protecting Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Importance of Self-Esteem in a Child’s : Self-esteem is apart of each person’s social development which begins during infancy and lasts a lifetime.  Parent, educators, religious leaders and neighbors all play an important role in this most delicate process.  What does self- esteem mean?  According to author David Myers in “Exploring Psychology”, self- esteem is one’s feeling of

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Domestic Violence Global Panel

An illustration from Granville’s “Les Cent Proverbs” is captioned “Que aime bien chatie bien” or who loves well, punishes well. Love should not hurt you. Domestic violence is known by different names or phrases but it is defined as a pattern of abusive behavior by one or both partners in an intimate relationship such as

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