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Denim Day : History and how to get involved

In the 1990s, an Italian driving instructor was freed of rape charges because the Italian Supreme Court believed Jeans an 18 year old victim wore were too tight for the assaulter to remove on his own. Jurors concluded the victim helped the alleged assaulter remove her jeans and, thus, the act was consensual. In protest of the court’s decisions, women in the Italian parliament wore jeans.  In 1999, the protest spread to Los Angles, California launching Denim Day in the States. 

Denim Day has morphed into a stylish demonstration emphasizing sexual assault awareness.  By wearing denim collectively, people from all walks of life take a stand against sexual violence.

In support of Denim Day, Future Executives has  launched an online campaign encouraging people to post images of their Denim. The hashtag for the campaign will be #showyourdenim.  Here is an example from our Founder and CEO: #ashishshowsyourdenim #showyourdenim.

#showyourdenim and help spread awareness of sexual assault. Send your images to enikardie@futureexecutives.org and we will share the image with others.  If you are in the New York tri-sate area, join us for the walk on April 24, 2019.

Enikardie is Future Executives, Inc. “research Guru” and social media specialist.
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