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Dress for success & 18 tips to a good interview

The reality is you need money to survive so, you’re going in for a job interview. Inside, you’re freaking out; What do I do? Should I be super-smiley or super-serious? Dress casually or conservatively? Do not fret, we’ve got you with some ideas for success gear and  tips and tricks to ace an interview.

Outfits: How to look the part.




– Dresses should go past the knees or just above the knees (as should dress skirts) and the neckline should start no more that 2-2 and 1/2 inches from the base of the neck. The straps should be at least three fingers thick. Wear colors such as burgundy, dark grey, navy/deep royal blues and black.
– Recommended footwear is high-heels not more than 3 inches high or black flats.
– If you want to dress more casually but still professionally, dress pants and flats paired with a casual top, a statement necklace, and a blazer will do the trick.
– Don’t cake up on the makeup. Foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and a nude lipstick or gloss is all you need.
– Wear nail polish colors such as dark purple, nude-browns, burgundy, dark grey, navy/deep royal blues, and black.


– Full suit.
– Dress shoes, dark jeans, dress shirt, with or without a blazer.
– Dress shoes, dress pants, casual long/short sleeve shirt, and a blazer.


Tips to a successful interview:

  1.  Turn of your digital device before entering an interview; nothing is more uncomfortable/awkward than having your phone go off during your conversation.
  2.  If you are asked about a particular weakness, DO NOT say something such as ‘I’m too much of an over-achiever’. Companies don’t like that. Instead, state your weakness and explain how you’re willing to correct it. Also, make sure it is something you can learn with experience from the job.
    Ex: “I do not have much knowledge with the excel processing program, however, I have been taking online courses to help.”
  3.  Don’t excessively spray perfume/cologne as you do not know who is more sensitive to strong smells. Use an unscented antiperspirant/deodorant, and spray 1-2 squirts of perfume into the air (not directly onto you) and walk into it.
  4.  Wearing dark colors is best because it shows you are professional. Never wear red because it shows power and that you will be overbearing.
  5. Smile, but not excessively.
  6. Show passion when answering questions.
  7. This should be a given, but sit up straight and do not slouch; this portrays disinterest.
  8. Listen intently to what the interviewer has to say, looking them in the eye, nodding periodically, looking interested.
  9. If you feel uncomfortable with eye contact, look directly between their eyes, on the bridge of their nose.
  10. Answer truthfully and be yourself, The last thing you want to do is make up lies and then be a completely different person during the job.
  11. Try not to show you’re nervous, but don’t be over-confident.
  12. If you tend to bite your nails, pick at a thread, play with your fingers, etc., clasp your hands together firmly and place them on your lap.
  13. Don’t ramble and stay on topic. BIG yet common mistake.
  14. Ask questions. This will show you’re invested in the job.
  15. Practice your answers to common and uncommon questions.
  16.  Do your research on that company and get to know what you should expect.
  17.  Have a notepad, pen, your resume, and your outfit set the night before.
  18. Be punctual, and come five to ten minutes early.

Now, get ready to rock that interview!

Best of luck!


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