Violence in Relationships: Teen Dating Violence Awareness

Spreading the Word about Teen Dating Violence:

Statistics show that 1.5 million high school students are the victims of dating violence each year.

Teens experience verbal, emotional, and physical assault. Many stay silent because they are afraid of being assaulted again and do not know they can get help.


In addition, many will be at higher risks for risky behaviors, substance abuse, eating disorders, and domestic abuse.

In order to put an end to dating abuse amongst teens, we must take steps to educate others about the dating problems within the teen population.That is why Future Executives is raising awareness about abusive relationships amongst teens. We also work with the Healing Center for their 8th annual Teen Dating Violence Walk-a-Thon.. Take on the challenge and join us for the walk on April 13, 2019!

We will also be spreading awareness through the use of social media. Our team of Digital Marketing Diplomats is going to help us raise widespread awareness through the use of social networks that consists of hundreds and thousands of followers. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and help us by sharing our message with the hashtag #SAAM or #SAAM2019



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