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The Wiz, I Like it Live!

'The movie version of "The Wiz" ,1978
The movie version of “The Wiz” 1978

I recently went to see The Wiz live in NYC. I have seen the movie version several times and know almost all the songs by heart. I began to think about other movies and their live shows that I have seen; “The Lion King”, ‘Tarzan”, “The Grinch Whole Stole Christmas”, etc. There are many differences in watching a show on DVD versus live. You can’t pause the tape or turn your head to talk when it’s live because you will miss a lot. Also, many of these shows when they are live don’t have a lot of talking, mostly singing. Live makes you feel like you have jumped into the show but you have to be a quite part of the show. Live is awesome!! There is magic and a real coolness about it that a DVD can’t make you feel. I have also seen some performances of Michael Jackson on tape when he was live on stage and they were great! I had some of the same feelings that I get when I am at a live show! How about taping live shows and putting them on DVD?  I know I, well, I mean, my mom and nana would buy them.


***Asaru is 8 years old and this is his second blog. Asaru portrayed the scarecrow in his schools production of the wiz!! Click here

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