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President Obama visits Ghana ? Huh?

President Obama and first family leaving Ghana!
President Obama and first family leaving Ghana!

Why Ghana?

Governments of countries on the continent are scratching their heads!  South Africa can’t understand, “Why not our country?”  We are the continents “economic powerhouse” for crying out loud.  The “most populist country”, Nigeria feels slighted and Kenya, home of Obama’s dad and uummm, well, according to them, that’s reason enough.  “They are a functioning democracy, serious about reducing corruption and have shown economic growth”, says President Obama about his choice.  Fact: Ghana has nearly ended poverty with in it’s borders in the last 15 years.  Something our country  and many others have not been unable to do.  How?  They utilize their aid and funding for job/ business development and healthcare so effectively that it reaches the hands of it’s citizens which in turn improves the conditions of the people and thus the country overall.  Fact: It is one of the countries in the continent of Africa that has not had tribal/civil uprisings in decades. They transfer power democratically and peacefully.

Ghana get ready for your moment on the world’s stage.  Obama has spoken and chosen an unconventional but worthy country to spotlight.  Bravo?

SM Wahls

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