Writing and Waiting: Final Installment

unnamed-2“Imagine my pleasure and surprise when I get to page 140 and saw me! Love Changes is wonderful, perfect for the beach! When I sit in the sun, I read.”
— Nikki Giovanni (via postcard from Aruba)

“….Eartha Watts-Hicks puts some young women’s lives in perspective. It’s extremely well-written. Reading about the reality of what’s really happening in many young women’s lives is enlightening. Perhaps this novel can change a young woman’s path and allow her to see what a difference an education can make.”
— New York Amsterdam News

Are any of us really ready to step into our opportunities and claim our inheritance now? For a very long time as a writer, the strive, was my life: the learning, building, research, drudgery, and preparation. Writing was a study, the book industry was a study, life itself was a study. Hopes fueled by faith, I was driven, always watching, learning, doing, but waiting for something to happen….the eternal aspirant, trying to be a writer.

unnamed-4-e1417632131240I had become used to just “the grind.” But then, within two months of releasing my debut novel, I was nominated by Future Executives for the [Just R.E.A.D.] award from our local [NYCHA] branch of the NAACP. Because I was so used to the science of making it happen (i.e. the fixing, building, grace-under-fire, reevaluation, and damage control) I arrived at the venue prepared to smile graciously and give hearty cheer for “the winner.” I never anticipated walking away with the crystal award myself. But I did in tears, so overwhelmed with emotion (shock, joy, fear…you name it) that I was literally speechless.

In May of 2013, I self-published Love Changes. My debut novel infuses poetry and popular music with prose. Love Changes took me eight years to write and another 4 years to acquire the permission of the publishing admins for Sean P. Diddy Combs, Soul II Soul, the Curtis Mayfield estate, and Mary J. Blige (among others) for featured song lyrics. So far, in addition to being the 2013 winner of the Just R.E.A.D. Award in fiction from NYCHA/NAACP, Love Changes was named the New York Amsterdam News’s Recommended Summer Read for 2013.

Ms. Giovanni enjoyed reading "Love Changes."
Ms. Giovanni enjoyed reading “Love Changes.”

It’s available on,,,, at NYU Bookstore, Sisters Uptown Bookstore, other university bookstores, select Barnes & Noble retail locations, The New York Public Library System, and it is also available in Kindle format. I have participated in readings throughout the Tri-State area. And I was selected as a panelist for the author’s pavilion at this year’s Congressional Black Caucus.

A few short years ago, I felt like I was running in place. There is no “plan B,” because failure is not an option. NO MORE WAITING. It is now or never time. I liken this feeling to that of being a general on horseback, adrenaline pumping, but still charging into battle with a roar, because I am too afraid to turn back. And, I share, wondering if maybe…that is the case…with all of us.

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