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Frugal Fun-11 Uses of Aloe Vera



Aloe Vera, native to Northern Africa, is a water based plant (also referred to in the Bible) often called the “Miracle plant” or the “Natural healer” is one of the world’s most outstanding plants in herbal medicine. It can prevent and treat a number of diseases and harmful conditions. Aloe also provides us with great all natural alternatives to some of our everyday items/products:

1)     Need a quick remedy for asthma? Boil some aloe vera leaves and breathe in the vapor.

2)     Ate too much of that one thing? Tempted by those congesting cookies? Swallow the aloe juice just beneath the outer skin of the leaves, it’s a yellowish dark brown color and can be used as a laxative. ( This has been used pharmaceutically) **take it with some vanilla rice milk to  cover up its bland,  bitter, sharp, tart, planty, “natural” taste…**

3)    Aloe helps clean out the bowel, it gently breaks down food residue within the intestinal tract. When the Bowel is cleaned, it reduces discomforts such as bloating, it helps to ease stress (which leads to irritable bowel syndrome) I know what you’re thinking, now you can use aloe vera as your defense mechanism to eat what you want, sure you can, but be mindful- as too much aloe vera has its side effects, it can cause electrolyte imbalance and diarrhea…

4)     Before you go through hair loss treatments, rub some aloe gel (straight from the plant) on your scalp, research shows Aloe extract is known to promote hair growth. In fact, many “hair growth” products have aloe vera mixed in their solutions, why not go straight to the source?

5)     Great for moisturizing the skin, like many hair products, aloe vera is mixed in many skin moisturizers as well, the compounds in aloe vera is great for hydration. Take the plant, peel the skin, and rub away (do while skin is wet) aloe vera has a viscous base that displaces dirt from your skin, AND after the aloe absorbs into your skin, it stimulates the fibroblast cells causing them to regenerate themselves faster. These are the cells that produce collagen and elastin making the skin smoother and looking younger. Also, rubbing aloe vera on your skin will keep it free from microbes. (can also be used topically for cold sores)

6)     Aloe prevents diabetes, research claims that aloe can prevent/ slow down the development of diabetes. According to research, aloe extract has been proven to increase blood glucose levels.  (Significant amounts of Aloe is found in medications given to diabetics)


**this medicinal use goes for your pet too! Mixing aloe in their foods gives them an instant aid against cancers. Make sure it’s mixed in with strong flavored food, else they’ll sniff it out. The efficacy of Aloe gel has been tested by Veterinarians -so no worries on any negative health affects**

7)     Aloe can be used as an anti-Fungal/ anti-bacterial supplement. Biologist tested the effects of aloe vera on certain bacteria, the results showed the aloe extract prevented the growth of bacteria such as streptococcus which causes strep throat and shigella which causes diaherra, cramping, vomiting, and nausea. Aloe has also been proven to prevent horse infections (for my Kentucky Derbies out there) and human conditions like pneumonia, meningitis, and rheumatic fever. Take some Aloe Vera gel orally to prevent bacteria from acting up in your insides.

**As for your wounds, aloe vera can disinfect them, however, the moisturizing solution, (which delays the drying of open wounds) in the aloe can slow down the healing process. But it will protect your wounds from certain microorganisms that can cause infections. Use Aloe tenderly, so it doesn’t totally cramp your wounds healing (aloe can also treat minor vaginal itch/ infections/discomfort)**

8)     Heartburn? Swallow some oral aloe or aloe extract to ease the discomfort. Again, drink it with something– this stuffs amazing but it will certainly slap, I mean- sap, your appetite. Gross and yuck…

9)      Use Aloe as a Garden decoration! Why? Because… plants are like natural Garden ornaments. Plant them as borders around your garden, plant the spiny looking plant in groups, it’ll look like imaginary plant guards always on post. Your own Captain Plant its J

10)  Right before we go, did you know- some food preservatives can be harmful to your body causing respiratory problems, even cancers?  Use Aloe extract as a preservative instead.  The extract naturally avoids the growth of bacteria and molds, preserving the shelf life of your foods/produce. Only problem is, how will you cope with aloes appalling after taste? Let me know how YOU get around this, then maybe I’ll try it…

Oh, you can aslo:

11)  Use aloe as a sunscreen, although aloe contains a significant amount of water, its base can scatter rays from the sun- preventing your skin from baking, cooking, and frying…boiling, brewing, sizzling, steaming…toasting and or roasting. However the sun makes you feel, be sure to get your dose of vitamin D from it before using Aloe as a natural substitute for sun screen. May not be as effective as the sunscreens sold on the market, but it’s a natural help.

**Aloe Vera is best when used fresh and direct from the plant**

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