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20sumin youngins donate their talents to Comedy w/a hint of Fashion Charity Gala


Some say our yougins are self-centered individuals only motivated by social media fame & money. Well we’ve go 6 examples of 20sumin year olds who are offering their services to our Gala during Fashion week September 14, 2012. The “Servant 6” are ebulliently also acting as virtual mentors for Future Executives, Inc. They are sharing their bios & pictures in an effort to inspire others to fulfill their dreams. Simply click on their names to find out more about them or see below what they are bestowing upon us to help us make this night magical.

I founded Future Executives, Inc. when I was 21 and had very little elder guidance. in spite of, I was driven and I glad to know there are still some driven 20sumins. Proceeds from this gala will help these and other youngins make their dreams reality.

Tiffany Gardenhire has over 7 years experience in Human Resources. She has been Future Executives, Inc. Coordinator of Business Affairs for 3 years now. She is handling all major research, legal and business needs for Comedy w/a hint of Fashion Charity Gala.

Tiffany Woodson is the Event Producer for Comedy w/ a hint of Fashion Charity Gala She brought 20suimins Juan, Kayla & Nicole into the Gala. This is her 1st major event gig. She attributes this experience to what it must be like to plan the Grammy’s

Juan Rivera created The Comedy w/ a hint of fashion Charity Gala Logo & is sponsoring the volunteer TEE’s for the event

Kayla Gomez is the setting & graphic designer for the Comedy w/a hint of Fashion Gala’s Souvenir Booklet

Nicole Wright, Violist will rock the crowd playing Hip-Hop, Jazz & R&B during the opening of Comedy w/ a hint of Fashion Charity Gala

Robert W. Temple III aka Young Trip supplied the music for our Comedy w/ a hint of Charity Gala Promos featuring High Profilers.

For press inquires and/or more information regarding the Gala go to the event link or contact us at 917 524 9689

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