5 Keyways to Network Post Pandemic

Network to Get Back in the Job Market

The pandemic triggered one of the worst job crises since the great depression. More than 15% of adults in the country reported that they were either laid off or fired. As a result, people looking to get back into the job market have turned to networking. People are also taking advantage of the opportunity to change careers and expand their knowledge. In this changing landscape, people are turning to their network for opportunities.

Why It’s Important to Network in the New Normal

Many people have experienced a change in both their work life and their personal life. During the pandemic a large number of office workers had to work virtually from home. Statistic show that employers expect 50% of their workforce to continue working from home post pandemic. This will result in fewer face to face interactions between employees in the work. Furthermore, 50 percent of employees surveyed plan to look for a new job in 2021 and 25% plan to just quit their jobs once the pandemic ends.

These individuals are in luck because the job market is slowly beginning to heal from the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are seeing an increase in job openings.

How To Network in the Virtual World

What does this change in work environment and expectation mean for people like me and you? With companies going virtual, employees are now looking to the internet to network.

Things to Know About Virtual Networking

1.      Building your digital presence Personal branding is of utmost importance in this day and age of social media. Take advantage of social networking platforms like LinkedIn, Clubhouse, Instagram etc. should be used to expand your social footprint and network.

2.      Researching Virtual Events There are tons of virtual events for recruiting, and networking on LinkedIn. Eventbrite can also be used to research events that align with your career goals. Remember to have your chat feature enabled when attending these events. In addition, prepare a short summary about yourself to share and send follow-up e-mails to people you meet. Let them know it was a pleasure meeting them and show your interest in staying connected.

3.      Finding unique ways to Network There are interesting ways to stand out from the pack. For example, the art of penmanship is not dead. Sending a handwritten note to the person you connected with goes a long way. Or maybe the time to send a thoughtful article that relates to a topic that was discussed.

4.      Join professional groups and organizations Take the initiative and search for groups related to your industry by conducting a search to find like minded groups.

5.      Be professional Always remember to say thank you to others for taking the time to share their knowledge with you. You can demonstrate your professionalism by sending them a thank you email and following up with anything that was discussed.

For more information on networking in the changing environment go here.

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