5 Safety tips for the Holiday Season

This year brings a holiday season like none other. We must take extra precautions to keep each other safe while still enjoying the break and relishing in the holiday spirit. Here are the top five ways to stay safe this season!

Don’t Travel

Traveling in the middle of a pandemic is extremely dangerous. There is always a chance that you may be infected, or one of the people on your plane flight is infected. Someone at the gas station where you stopped during your road trip could also be infected and unknowingly infect you. I know we all want to see our family and friends right now, but visiting them in-person and infecting them with Covid-19 is most definitely not an ideal gift. Instead host a Zoom meeting where you can still see your friends and family without risking lives. In fact, my family plans to have a Zoom family reunion this Christmas Eve and I’m so excited to see everyone safely!

Shop Online

Due to the pandemic, we want to exercise extreme caution when in public. This means only shopping for necessities and doing that as little as possible. A way to do this hassle is to shop online! Online shopping is a great way to support some of your local businesses, small Etsy shops, black-owned businesses, and young entrepreneurs. In addition, if you shop on Amazon Smile you can donate to an organization like Future Executives, Inc! Thank you!

Wear a Mask

It’s crazy how much power rests in a single strip of fabric that goes across your face. I like to think of it as a cape. Heroes wear them and they wear them proudly. Remember that your mask should cover your nose and mouth. Furthermore, it must be worn at all times when in public, and if reusable, should be washed regularly.

Social Distance

Keeping a distance of 6 feet, or 2 meters, apart from someone can save both of your lives. It’s really that simple. If you must go out in public, don’t forget your mask and be sure to keep your distance. If someone doesn’t seem to be doing this and it makes you uncomfortable, you can always respectfully step back, and if needed walk away.

Offline Fun

Many of us are on our devices 24/7 and that can lead to headaches, eye problems, bad posture, and more. Take some time during the holidays to close your laptop, turn off your notifications, and stay offline for as long as you’d like. Start with 25 minutes, and see how relaxed you are after the timer goes off. Use these moments to write down things you are grateful for, summon your artistic abilities and create something, play board games with your family, do a puzzle, read a good book, or maybe just sit by the window and inhale some fresh air.


All of us at Future Executives, Inc. wish you a happy holiday season and we hope you stay safe!

Click here for more recommendations from the CDC on staying safe for the holidays.

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