David Gardenhire-Director of Technology

David R. Gardenhire, an expert in Computer Network architecture, and a certified Computer Networking Specialist is currently attending Quinebaug Community College (QVCC), and applying his Computer Networking skills at Progressive Data Systems as a Technician and Information systems researcher for several corporations. He has also served as a Lead Technician on QVCC’s campus and received honors for student worker contributions. He has provided daily technical support for over thirty departments, two hundred plus faculty members and hundreds of students. He is also an active member of Tech Republic and Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineers (IEEE), which is one of the worlds largest professional associations for the advancement of Technology. David continues to practice his exuberant Tech skills, providing technical support to those in need on a daily basis an is aspiring to launch his own Computer Science company branch in Brooklyn New York. He plans to use his company to serve and educate communities on the importance of computer technology.

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