Kimberly Gardenhire-Editor at large

Kimberly E. Gardenhire is a New York State Certified Teacher currently attending The City College of New York, earning her B.A. in English, and Secondary Education. While in her sophomore year of High School, Kimberly was determined to create a school newspaper. She negotiated her ideas to her schools’ administration, on the importance of students having the opportunity to project their thoughts and opinions in published print. Ensuring the paper was for the students and by the students, she cultivated a team of student leaders, who would become devoted pioneers to the success of the paper.  In 2003, she served as the pioneer Editor of the E.B.C  East NY High School newspaper.   Kimberly was later awarded a certification of excellence for the creation of E.B.C./E.N.Y. High School’s newspaper, What’s Happenin.  After graduating High School with a Regents Diploma and several outstanding  achievement awards, she attended The City College of New York.  While earning her degrees, she held a position as a College Assistant.  Her duties included revising resumes and managing the mass database of the Career Center.  She was also a free lance volunteer which allowed her to help revise her fellow colleagues’ papers, portfolios, short essays, personal ads, et cetera. We welcome her  vast and brad talents to the Future Executives, Inc,  Advisory Committee as an “Editor at Large”.   She is currently conducting fieldwork, observing New York City Public School classrooms throughout the five boroughs of NYC, and aspiring to publish her own novels in the near future.
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