Testimony: Johanna

Johanna Rios

My name is Johanna Rios and I had the honor of having Ms. Wahls , Founder of Future Executives, Inc., as a teacher and adviser was my teacher and adviser for 4 years. She is someone who I will always remember from my time in E.B.C. High school.  She was a teacher and a friend that was there for me no matter what. Ms. Wahls was tough and made me see that life has many great options based upon your perception. She was not like other teachers who came to work just to received a pay check, she put her time and effort into her students. She taught me how to be independent and fight for what I believe is right. Ms. Wahls after graduating from E.B.C. over 7 years ago, we are still in contact.  She took us to places like MTV and fancy restaurants where we as an advisory group enjoyed outside social time and exposed us to the finer things in life and left me with so many memories and life long lessons.  I always happily reflect back on my time with her.” -Johanna Rio

Johanna served time in the US army and is currently awaiting her husbands return from service overseas.

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