Testimony: Maryann

Maryan Reyes & Family

As a teacher, Ms. Wahls, the Founder of Future Executives, Inc. went beyond to insure that her students got the concepts she was trying to teach. With her no-nonsense techniques she still managed to be caring and compassionate.  As an advisor she was like a mother, a sister and a lifelong friend who taught me leadership skills that I would need beyond the classroom -she taught me about life, it’s responsibilities and executive behavior.  Currently I am a student at St Joseph college completing my BA in Business Organizational Management.  I will be entering the NYPD in July (God Willing) 2010.  My goal is to become a homicide detective within 5 years.  I hope to own my own home within three years and look forward to continuing my education.  I have my family and Ms. Wahls to thank for that.” -Maryann Reyes

Currently Maryann works for parks and recreation.

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