Tiffany Gardenhire

Tiffany Gardenhire


I met Future Executives, Inc. Founder, Ms. Simone-Monet Wahls during my high school years. During our first encounter, we had a conversation about sports and the entertainment industry. I thought to myself, “wow” this teacher is not your average instructor she is really fascinated by her student’s personal interests. The following semester, I had the privilege of having Ms. Wahls as an English teacher.  Ms. Wahls was able to provide a learning environment that was both creative and educational at the same time. Although, Ms. Wahls has a passion for teaching, she also has a passion for providing remarkable experiences to her students.  In the late 1990s, a group of us were honored to attend a Lauryn Hill Concert and was granted access to meeting Lauryn backstage. We were also introduced to other career opportunities including a visit to VIBE Magazine to learn the aspects of how a magazine is published and the opportunity to interview with INROADS, a program that provides students an internship within the entertainment field.  Ms. Wahls moved on to spread her astonishing teaching skills with other local high schools, but that did not prevent her ability to stay grounded and in touch with former students. Here I am nine years later, working with Ms. Wahls helping to take Future Executives, Inc. to the next level.  As the coordinator of business affairs, I manage many tasks including conducting research, networking, creating and drafting marketing materials, and many other imperative duties. Ms. Wahls has been a mentor for me in establishing a career path, meeting new people, and embracing new opportunities. The true definition of a leader is someone who is making a difference and providing opportunities, and from experience I can honestly say that Ms. Wahls and Future Executives, Inc. are cultivating leaders of today to become influential leaders of tomorrow!

Tiffany Gardenhire currently works as a Human Resource Generalist, and is working on obtaining her PHR (Professional Human Resource) Certificate. She is also in the beginning stages of establishing a company that supports people in the music business. Her many other interest include in acting and writing, and continues to be involved with Future Executives, Inc as Coordinator.

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