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Simone-Monet Wahls-Founder and CEO

Simone-Monet began ameliorating the lives of future leaders in 1989 when Future Executives, Inc. (FE) was founded.

She collaborated with schools in her community while working simultaneously in the entertainment field in various capacities. S. Monet created a “Pen Pal Career Exploration” program, which allowed students to gain insight into a career interest via letter writing to adults in various careers.

After spending some time with students in classrooms, she discovered her passion for teaching. S. Monet obtained her Masters in Education. As a pedagogue, she taught grades 7-12 in the area of language arts and social studies in Alternative High Schools for the NYC Department of Education. She created unique ways to gain academic success with her students by connecting real world issues to the classroom via incorporating community service and taking them on career exploration trips to several companies. Some of her entertainment experience comprises: marketing, publicity, artist development, touring,  journalism and event coordination. After five years of teaching, she was promoted to a City Education Administrator. She has over 15 years experience working with principals, teachers, parents and students to enhance instructional practices for English language learners, special needs and at risk students. S. Monet has obtained several certifications and training including reading and mediation, which contribute to the work she does with today’s youth and young adults.

In 2011 and 2014, the White House Business Council invited her and a number of business leaders from around the country to the White House to talk about business development and competitiveness. Several of the business owners in the room talked about how critical portions of the Jobs Act would not only aid the economy but also help current and future entrepreneurs grow, hire and succeed.

Simone-Monet Wahls has received an NAACP NYCHA Branch “Women on the Move” award, advises several executives including school administrators and leaders of companies. She is a former co-chair of the Racial Justice Committee for Drug Policy Alliance and served on the College Board’s Dream Deferred Advisory Committee.

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