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Alien Kush: Medical Marijuana Strains including patient testimonials



  • Alien Kush is a marijuana strain that was created by combining Las Vegas Purple Kush and Alien Technology.
  • It has light green buds with silvery fuzz and small orange threads throughout.
  • It smells like fuel with a berry undertone and tastes like harsh fuel mixed with champagne and cherry.
  • People who smoke Alien Kush will feel uplifted, euphoric, creative, and carefree.



Medicinal Benefits

  • Alien Kush is most effective in treating nerve disorders such as tension, stress, and nervous stomach.
  • The strain can help you combat chronic pain and the appetite enhancing properties are good for those with eating disorders or stomach problems.
  • Patients who smoked it also reported relief from migraine headache, ADD,arthritis, and Glaucoma.


According to bozo907, on leafly.com, Alien Kush will leave you in the stars and it is perfect for relieving any kind of stress.

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Disclaimer: There are success stories from patients as young as two years old, for that reason, we are supporting awareness of the medical uses of this substance. Future Executives, Inc. only intent is to educate our audience and in no way condones the use of illegal substances.

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