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APPS That Give You Money for Shopping

Scanning receipts has become a widespread phenomenon among households. These apps are being used to gain cashback on grocery purchases and save money.

There  are many different apps to choose from if you are interested. Checkout 51, Ibotta and Snap (Groupon) are just a few apps you can use to scan  receipts and earn cashback on purchases.  Download the apps from your app stores. Then  create an account. After that, you will be able to look for weekly offers and scan them for savings.Then you will have to  upload your receipts. Once your receipts are uploaded, it takes about 48 hours to be approved and receive cash. Before you receive any money on your account, though, you will need to accumulate at least $20.


As great as these apps are,they have special conditions that you must follow. For example, apps like Checkout 51 don’t put  any conditions on specific stores, but they usually have hidden fees in their offers . These fees can be applied to  a specific brand of eggs or  multiple items from a specific company. Sometimes you have to buy a  certain quantity of an item to receive cashback. For example,they may take off $2 if you purchase 2 boxes of Cocoa Puffs.
These apps look lucrative. But do they really work?Most of the times it is difficult to find rewards on items you have already purchased. How many times do you need to buy two boxes of cocoa puffs, or 5 boxes of Swiffer wipes or 5 Glade refills before you earn some cashback?

Why were these apps really created?

So why are these apps out there if they are helping me make or save money? They are used for two primary purposes. First, they are used to study customers’ purchasing habits. This data is then used to help  develop target-specific marketing channels. Does it mean that you won’t earn any money if you use them?No, that’s not true either. It only takes 10 seconds to  upload a receipt and earn free cash.  The second reason these apps were created was to help customers be more aware of their shopping habits.

In the end, using these apps will be a  personal choice !!

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