Author: Barbara Ortiz

13-17yrs, 18 & over, blog series, commentary, inspirational, Motivational (Coaching, Speaking, etc), personal development, Wellness

Despite my Disabilities: The importance of love, acceptance, perseverance and determination

Hello again to all 🙂. In this long overdue installment, which is long overdue, I am writing a bit about how my education, family and friend’s support helped me to overcome all that I have and let me be who I am today.  The first thing I should say about all of this is that

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13-17yrs, 18 & over, 8-12yrs, blog series, commentary, Education, inspirational, Motivational (Coaching, Speaking, etc), personal development

Despite My Disabilities: Education was not in the textbooks . . .

Hello again smiles. In this installment I will be discussing   obstacles I faced through out my education. I guess I should begin at the genesis. I reached all my milestones at about a year and a half to two years old.  At the age of three or four, I began at a program for children

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