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Small Business:Free Resources for in the U.S.

On September 7th, 2011, during his address to a joint session of congress, President Obama’s message was loud and clear: small business is the Unites States of America’s most powerful engine of opportunity and economic growth. A few weeks ago, I attended the White House Urban Entrepreneurship Summit. There were over  200 students of NYC

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Haiti:Global Citizenship is food for the soul

  Global Citizenship: Giving to Haiti Yesterday I followed my spirit.It whispered,“Donate.”  Currently I am working on project for Haiti, so without hesitation, I donated to the efforts in Haiti. I chose three non-profit organizations that I knew were on the ground directly providing resources to Haitians as they prepare for their rain and hurricane

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Virtual vs. Personal, Black vs. White . . .

Last year I sat on my couch at home and soaked in the first installment of  CNN’s special: Black in America, wondering what other people were thinking. I was craving open discussions, feedback, and the ability to put collaborative plans into action.  Instead of the face to face socializing, I settled for the mass media outlet of blogging and

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President Obama visits Ghana ? Huh?

Why Ghana? Governments of countries on the continent are scratching their heads!  South Africa can’t understand, “Why not our country?”  We are the continents “economic powerhouse” for crying out loud.  The “most populist country”, Nigeria feels slighted and Kenya, home of Obama’s dad and uummm, well, according to them, that’s reason enough.  “They are a

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Report 2008-Child Trends Readiness

  What is this report about? This report provides a developmental perspective on what competencies young people need to be ready for college, the workplace, and the transition to adulthood. National hand-wringing about the lack of preparedness of high school graduates for college and the workplace has analyzed researchers, educators, and policymakers to define the

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Future Executives:Live Blogging

Future Executives: Twitter Live Blog Feed 1:41:52 AM: Future Executives is testing out the “Twitter live blog feed” for our site launch – let us know what you think! 1:44:01 AM: The test was a success — happy twittering kiddies!!! 12:31:56 PM: Please log into our online community at 9pm this evening to join us for

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Future Executives(FE) Intro

Thank you for visiting FE   Thank you for visiting (FE). Click on the video to watch FE Founder and CEO, Simone-Monet Wahls deliver a message.  

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