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African-American Parents:Let’s get involved! Home/School Relations

I was asked by my Assistant Principal at my daughter’s school to serve as the Parent Council Representative of the local chapter of the NAACP.  In that role, I am charged with bringing together African–American parents in the school and creating an opportunity to share information, network, and discuss issues that affect our children in the school. In

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Six tips to help children with Math

I believe parents should assume some responsibility for their kids’ development in math, should be proactive in managing their students’ progress and should continually engage in the learning process with their kids, their teachers and the school.  The following steps can serve as a framework for achieving success.   1.            Set high expectations with the

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Developing esteem in school girls in a S.T.E.M. world

For me, it was really weird… I came up in the Pittsburgh Public Schools in the mid to late 1970s. At that time, experimentation in public education was ramped.  There was forced busing at my elementary school; white kids from other parts of town were bused  to my neighborhood (the black one); like that was

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Post Trayvon Martin Tragedy let’s tackle: Community Violence, Chronic Health and Student Achievement

  Fresh off the Zimmerman jury verdict of “Not Guilty”, there have been several peaceful protests and discussions about the issues of race and court injustices. Although real issues, community violence, chronic health and lack of student achievement greatly affect our children and their families. These interrelated problems impede progression in underserved communities.  Let’s look

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Summer Time Learning

  Major shout out to all the teachers, administrators, instructional aides, crossing guards, cafeteria workers, technical support staff (LOL to my fellow edtechies)… you name it… THANK YOU for helping our children to reach their full potential this academic year!  Time to chill out and have some “me” time… you deserve it, (but you know

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13-17yrs, 18 & over, 8-12yrs, blog series, career exploration, Education, Helpful Links, personal development, Resources

Don’t Forget Those Soft Skills!

I was at a school district wide meeting where teachers and parents came together for some frank conversation. A group of teachers representing multiple grade levels and subject matters presented to us (parents) a Teachers’ Wish List… It was the top 10 things teachers wished more parents would do at home to support their (the

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