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Opportunity:Believing is Achieving – Part II

Seeking Opportunity to get what you want

One of the great things about emerging leaders is that they are determined to achieve something great. They look for opportunities and take many different paths to get to their goals, but in the end, they make it work and sometimes make sacrifices to get where they need to go. One of the best ways to determine what you want in life is to set goals and objectives.

This week I had a real neat opportunity to participate in something we are rolling out at my business. We are partnering up with our local career high school,which has a culinary academy to give some students the opportunity to intern at our company. We chose 3 high school seniors who are going to work with us in a non-paid internship. They will get to work with active adults and our cafe to create new  items and desserts for our menu.

Determination and Opportunity

I didn’t even have this kind of opportunity when I was in school. These three students we selected are so determined to own their own bakeries someday that they are taking the extra step to strengthen their skills. I bring this up for two reasons. One, the students had their first interview with myself and a colleague of mine to discuss why they would like to work at our facility. Two, the students had their resumes and smiling faces ready to go for their interviews with us and were just outstanding. They told  us what they want to do and where they saw themselves in five years.

opportunityI saw a vision of what the students wanted to achieve. I now understand that they don’t necessarily want just a task to do every day, but want to build on past experiences and learn new skills that will allow them to  find new opportunities. Their goals are to own their own businesses…or bakeries to be more specific.

What you need to succeed

It inspired me to want to do more to help get them on the path to success and it  will be really fun to see  how this will help them this year .

Just remember, to achieve great things you need goals and a vision. Where do you want to go with your life? What small attainable goals do you want to set for yourself? What opportunity or opportunities are available to help me reach my goal?These are the type of things you need to have to get on the path to greatness.

Keep in mind, you have to want something badly to get it. If you get up in the morning and say you want to be a chef, then you have to figure out what you need to do to prepare for being the best chef you can be. Think about what opportunities are available to help you accomplish your goals. This may take you a while and that is okay. Remember to believe in yourself and your abilities.  Know what you want to achieve in life and keep your head up.Lastly, believe in your abilities to go conquer your dreams.


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