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Blog tips to reach large audiences

We are all writers but, not all writers are good at Blog writing. Anytime someone creates a post for social media, put words together for a resume, cover letter, writing assignments for a course, or sending an email, you are writing. Creating highly engaging works of words for a blog is a skill and like any craft, it takes time, research and planning. 

The more you write and reflect, the better your Blog skills will be. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t experienced someone raving about your writing, because, if you want to be a good writer, you will be. This is a guide anyone at any level can use to develop Blogs that will interest large groups of readers. Use these tips to increase your Blog audience:

Personal Engagement and Inspiration

Whatever you are excited about, you talk a lot about. What ever you talk a lot about with confidence, you are best to Blog about. Make a list of things you are interested in.

Search Engine Ranking

Once you have created the list, research via hash tags # and trending topics on social media and search engines. Use Keywords that best describe your Blog topics. You can get more eyes on your writing when you know what titles and topics top searches.

Blog Initial Content Research

Based upon your search engine findings, see where your top three topics rank in level of audience interest. Click on a few Blogs/Articles about your topics to see what is already out there. Choose a high ranking topic (top of search or amount of people using a related hashtag) to Blog about.

Blog Audience Engagement

Use content research to approach the Blog topic differently. Think about how to share another perspective, or expand a particular item of the topic like no one has before. This is called an angle. Creating an angle, gives any topic new life. An angle can be described in a few sentences like: 2020 graduates around the world are more connected than any other graduate class in history! What does that mean for our Future?

Freestyle Writing 

Once you have an angle for your Blog, pretend you are talking to someone informally about this topic using your angle. Don’t worry about spelling, structure rules or anything that slows or interrupts stress. Let your thoughts flow freely. If thoughts flow fast, audio record your thoughts to avoid forgetting. Some prefer to use an outline before Blog writing. Outlines are not always necessary. If you prefer to do outlines, be simple and short like:

 Google v. Windows which one is best for your business? 

  • Google allows you to create documents and video hang outs for free 
  • Windows docs is a paid package that is different from its video paid package 
  • Google allows anyone you share with to edit documents
  • Windows paid package is needed to edit documents
  • Google began as a search engine and expanded their platform
  • Windows has always been a software platform 

This is a frist draft outline. Through revision, the outline would expand based upon research.

Drafting a Blog will take many attempts! hang in there!

Constructive Criticism 

After completing your first draft, get feedback from a few (no more than three) family members or friends. Set up guidelines for them ask them to: 1-Check with them to assure thoughts clearly conveyed. 2-Ask what they found interesting. 3-Finally, have them note grammatical errors.  

Revise your Blog

Decide if or how criticism received may improve Blog content. Revision should happen more than once. Sometimes it’s best to let the Blog sit for a few days before revising. Limit becoming highly stressed as it blocks creativity. Don’t take longer than a few days to complete first Blog revisions.

As a creative writer, content and impact of words are most important. Grammar and spelling is best done at the end. Focusing on mechanics of writing in the beginning blocks creativity.

Prepare to Publish Blog

Take another look at your Blog title to make sure you have included some keywords. High ranking keywords and descriptive language are always best to add in your Blog’s title. Remember your title is the first thing potential readers see so, make sure your Blogs title is interesting.


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