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Calendly: The Scheduler of the Future
February 11, 2021 Uncategorized

Need help keeping track of everyones schedule? Then download Calendly, the black owned scheduling app. The app makes it much easier to schedule meetings. The app is currently used by 10 million people on a monthly basis. The company and the app are growing in popularity everyday.

Calendly: Founder and Company

Tope Awotona founded Ca in 2013. Since its founding, Calendly has been growing in popularity. In 2020, they made approximately $70 million from subscriptions. The company is predicting that it will reach 1 billion in revenue in the near future. Therefore, Tope has big plans for the company’s future.

The Future

The company plans to direct its revenue to product innovation. Furthermore, they plan to provide liquidity to shareholders and employees. To help the company and revenue grow, the startup employed two senior executives in 2020.

CEO Tope Awotona is happy with Calendly’s success, and is looking forward to more growth for the company.

Need Reasons to Download Calendly?

Then I hope this list helps. You won’t regret getting the app.

  • Makes it easier to coordinate with other people.
  • Eliminates need for back and forth e-mails
  • Share your availability with others more was

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