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United Nations celebrates 75th anniversary with call to action!

In the mist of this Global Covid19 pandemic, the United Nations (UN)  is seeking help with planning our world’s future. Ahead of the September meeting with leaders from all around the world, UN has created the largest global conversation ever! The United Nations 75 (UN75) survey is an opportunity for anyone, anywhere to participate in

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Smithsonian Youth Development Program seeks leadership council members

NMAI Youth Leadership Council (YLC) Program Application The Youth Leadership Council(YLC) at the National Museum of the American Indian, New York   is a volunteer and youth development program for high school and college students ages 15-24. LEARN from cool exhibitions, museum staff, artists, and cultural experts to deepen your knowledge of indigenous culture, art, and history!

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Cursive Out: More than a Daily Planner

I have recently developed a Planner and Journal series to impart time management techniques, as well as empower by sharing tools, tips, advice, and quotes, as well as resources. My latest release is theEveryday Excellence Student Planner, featuring a phenomenal, child runway model, little Ms. Celai West and the chic, vibrant photography of Ms. Katie

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First Generation Society and College

First Generation students are the first to attend college in their families. Therefore, they face high college dropout rates. Why? They face a lot of challenges. Challenges Faced by First Generation Students: The following categories are challenges first generations face in college. Financial Challenges First generation students lack the financial resources to pay for tuition, and

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Treasuries as an Investment: Why Not?

Treasuries: When I hear the word treasuries the first thing that comes to mind is the public aversion of it. It is currently the most underrated investments in the general public mind.  Why is that? Well, let’s begin with a very basic fact about them. Treasuries are issued to raise money, the way they are

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