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20sumin youngins donate their talents to Comedy w/a hint of Fashion Charity Gala

  Some say our yougins are self-centered individuals only motivated by social media fame & money. Well we’ve go 6 examples of 20sumin year olds who are offering their services to our Gala during Fashion week September 14, 2012. The “Servant 6” are ebulliently also acting as virtual mentors for Future Executives, Inc. They are

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Worst Speech I ever Gave!

I gave a keynote speech a few nights ago. It was awful. I was sweating, nervous and light-headed. I didn’t connect with the audience and several of my jokes fell flat. I could begin to give you 101 excuses. Here they go ….. I could not work the powerpoint projector. My mind was frazzled from

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Take action against Cyberbullying!

  Based on Cyberbullying statistics from the i-SAFE Foundation, more than half of adolescents and teens in America have been bullied online. Make you voice matter and speak out against it! Encourage your local government officials to consider cyberbullying a hate crime. Bronx, New York Senator Jeff Klein has created legislation that would make cyberbullying a second

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The Future of Microloan Business Lending and the Vision of Future Executives Inc.

    It isn’t a secret that the US and world are experiencing challenging economic times.  Although some might debate our current status given the aftermath of the most recent recession, it is painfully apparent the US could use different forms of economic stimulus to foster job growth. Moreover, there historically has been a chronic

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Search Engines: Drive Traffic to Your Business

If you have a business in a very specific business sector or industry, you should have search engine research done to see how search engines can get you more customers. You may be pleasantly surprised at the number of people searching for your kind of business. Increasing Awareness You may think most people wouldn’t know much about

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Extend your brand reach and transform visitors and subscribers into devoted lifelong customers with a video

How do you define a brand? Well, I went to Wikipedia to get the official definition. The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a “Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.” [1] A brand is thus a product or service whose dimensions differentiate it

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Search Engines/Social Media Build Email List

Growing Email List: Search engines and social media are both powerful forms of business promotion. Each has it’s strong and weak points. Experiment with and measure both to see how they boost your business’ bottom line. But… …Always Remember to always work to build an email list. There is profit in it. Sure having Friends

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Despite my Disabilities: The importance of love, acceptance, perseverance and determination

Hello again to all 🙂. In this long overdue installment, which is long overdue, I am writing a bit about how my education, family and friend’s support helped me to overcome all that I have and let me be who I am today.  The first thing I should say about all of this is that

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How Google and American Express FaceBook Video Campaign help Small Businesses like yours get Noticed!

As a small business owner I am always looking into every possible way to insure that my company brand is visible. Well, I came across a great article that featured American Express and Facebook assisting small business like mine and yours and what do you know…the one key element they used for marketing their message

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NY Bartending School sees value in Video Promo

Recently many New Yorkers gathered in pubs and bars in front of huge flat-screen tv’s to watch the NY Giants and the New England Patriots Superbowl Championship Game! This was also a day for NYC bartenders and others beyond the borders of New York City to shine and cash in on the event! Having a

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