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Lemon G: Medical Marijuana Strains including patient testimonials

  Lemon G Facts:  Created in Ohio Powerful Sativa hybrid Mixed with Indica genes Strains similar to Lemon G include Grand Hustle,Root Bear Kush,Citrus Kush, Midnight, and Cookie Monster Creates a relaxing feeling once consumed Effects : Euphoric Uplifting Sleepy Relaxing Energetic   Appearance and Smell: It has a strong lemon fragrance Has a mellow

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Essentials of Professional Networking for Future Executives

Social Networking is one of Future Executives, Inc. four pillars because we know it is an integral part of developing a future leader. We help and support leaders realize their dreams and place them in position to fulfill their aspirations.  TDanyel offers details  and tips on how to build a strong network. More young people today are realizing earlier

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