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Denim Day : History and how to get involved

In the 1990s, an Italian driving instructor was freed of rape charges because the Italian Supreme Court believed Jeans an 18 year old victim wore were too tight for the assaulter to remove on his own. Jurors concluded the victim helped the alleged assaulter remove her jeans and, thus, the act was consensual. In protest of the court’s decisions, women

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13-17yrs, 18 & over, 8-12yrs, civic duty


Violence within teen dating has been a pretty longstanding and massive elephant in the room among Generation Z – and lately, the elephant has been getting even bigger. In fact, the statistics are pretty outrageous. A recent Youth Risk Behavior Survey which questioned 15,000 high school students found that about 1 in 10 of the adolescents had experienced physical dating

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Life Changing Volunteer Experience and Internship Projects in Africa-Help Make a Difference

Dream Africa Care Foundation is inviting you to volunteer with us in Africa this year for free. Volunteers are needed throughout the year on A wide range of volunteering placements available in Africa, Volunteers can choose to work with orphans in our orphanages, teach in our understaffed rural and urban community school, volunteer in our

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Post Trayvon Martin Tragedy let’s tackle: Community Violence, Chronic Health and Student Achievement

  Fresh off the Zimmerman jury verdict of “Not Guilty”, there have been several peaceful protests and discussions about the issues of race and court injustices. Although real issues, community violence, chronic health and lack of student achievement greatly affect our children and their families. These interrelated problems impede progression in underserved communities.  Let’s look

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Take action against Cyberbullying!

  Based on Cyberbullying statistics from the i-SAFE Foundation, more than half of adolescents and teens in America have been bullied online. Make you voice matter and speak out against it! Encourage your local government officials to consider cyberbullying a hate crime. Bronx, New York Senator Jeff Klein has created legislation that would make cyberbullying a second

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13-17yrs, 18 & over, 8-12yrs, civic duty, commentary

Guns that look real sold across the street from an elementary school

Letter sent to local senator. We are responsible for our community. Good Morning Senator Stewart-Cousins, During the Christmas toy and furniture giveaway, I spoke briefly with you about the issue of no speed bumps around School 13 on McLean Avenue in Yonkers. Presently, there’s another more serious issue facing this same community. Our local BP

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