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Writing and Waiting: Author Chronicles Installment 3

Writing and Waiting: Getting the help I needed   Writing this novel, I originally thought I could complete it on my own in a few months. Almost three years later, I had accumulated nearly four hundred pages, but they were not in sequence. They weren’t even in any logical order. What I had was four

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Building a Social Business for profit

“Make the change you want to see in the world”, Gandhi Social Business: Are you a change-maker? Have you ever thought “What can I really do to change the world?” You may have heard of many socially-oriented organizations from social enterprises, cooperatives, to non-profit organizations and so on. Well, it seems that an ambitious but

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Full Circle: FE Network Radio

Future Executives, Incorporated launches FE Network Radio Real Talk is honest, heartfelt, a soulful exchange, motivating. You get all that and then some from FE  Network Radio.   Preparing our youth for current as well as prospective occupational trends is at the core of Future Executives, Inc’s, mission. Our research shows many children and young

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13-17yrs, 18 & over, blog series, career exploration, Education, Motivational (Coaching, Speaking, etc)

Writing and Waiting: Author Chronicles Installment 2

I’ve spent almost ten years writing the same novel. Sometimes I ask myself why that’s the case, even though I know full well the reason why. For starters, I had this grandiose vision of what I wanted Love Changes to be, even before I put the first word on paper. I wanted all the sass

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Virtual vs. Personal, Black vs. White . . .

Last year I sat on my couch at home and soaked in the first installment of  CNN’s special: Black in America, wondering what other people were thinking. I was craving open discussions, feedback, and the ability to put collaborative plans into action.  Instead of the face to face socializing, I settled for the mass media outlet of blogging and

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President Obama visits Ghana ? Huh?

Why Ghana? Governments of countries on the continent are scratching their heads!  South Africa can’t understand, “Why not our country?”  We are the continents “economic powerhouse” for crying out loud.  The “most populist country”, Nigeria feels slighted and Kenya, home of Obama’s dad and uummm, well, according to them, that’s reason enough.  “They are a

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