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Making a Vaccine: Corona Virus Vaccine.

It’s been more than nine months since researchers in China found the novel corona-virus in the city of Wuhan. The devastation is so bad countries are rushing to create a vaccine to end the global pandemic. A vaccine would allow the body to safely develop an immune response to COVID-19 that could prevent or control

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Globalization and its Importance

Over the last century, the world has grown closer and closer. Because of faster and more accessible communication and transportation services, the globe is more interconnected than ever. The information age allows for the easy production and shipment of products around the world, and companies can branch out beyond their home country to a worldwide

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Racism & Identity: Almost 70 years later, Invisible Man still relevant

Introduction from our Founder: “In the mist of an international Black Lives Mater movement, racism, once a taboo topic, is daily International news.. As companies scramble to rapidly alter covert behaviors once accepted, and police departments are called out for their systemic brutality, the novel Invisible Man is presently pertinent. Almost 70 years after its

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Denim Day : History and how to get involved

  The Origin of Denim Day In the 1990s, an Italian driving instructor was freed of rape charges because the Italian Supreme Court believed Jeans an 18 year old victim wore were too tight for the assaulter to remove on his own. Jurors concluded the victim helped the alleged assaulter remove her jeans and, thus, the act was consensual. In

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Life Changing Volunteer Experience and Internship Projects in Africa-Help Make a Difference

Dream Africa Care Foundation is inviting you to volunteer with us in Africa this year for free. Volunteers are needed throughout the year on A wide range of volunteering placements available in Africa, Volunteers can choose to work with orphans in our orphanages, teach in our understaffed rural and urban community school, volunteer in our

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Istanbul, Turkey is all that!

Istanbul, Turkey is very much a cosmopolitan city- but 98% muslim so mosques everywhere and a few Byzantine churches- converted then into mosques- such a crossroads of history and culture.  I have been imagining Romans, Greeks, Ottomans, Crusaders (burly Germans, aristocratic Italians, argumentative Frenchmen– all kinds of people walking on the stones of the Hagia

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Seize the moment and recognize opportunity . . .

“Much of what I stumbled into by following my curiosity and intuition turned out to be priceless later on.” Steve Jobs Tiffany Gardenhire sized the moment and recognized the opportunity when she stumbled upon Human Resources (HR) while working as a Temporary Employee fresh out of college. And although it was not her first  career

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The Future of Microloan Business Lending and the Vision of Future Executives Inc.

    It isn’t a secret that the US and world are experiencing challenging economic times.  Although some might debate our current status given the aftermath of the most recent recession, it is painfully apparent the US could use different forms of economic stimulus to foster job growth. Moreover, there historically has been a chronic

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Domestic Violence Global Panel

An illustration from Granville’s “Les Cent Proverbs” is captioned “Que aime bien chatie bien” or who loves well, punishes well. Love should not hurt you. Domestic violence is known by different names or phrases but it is defined as a pattern of abusive behavior by one or both partners in an intimate relationship such as

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