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Despite my Disabilities: The importance of love, acceptance, perseverance and determination

Hello again to all 🙂. In this long overdue installment, which is long overdue, I am writing a bit about how my education, family and friend’s support helped me to overcome all that I have and let me be who I am today.  The first thing I should say about all of this is that

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How Google and American Express FaceBook Video Campaign help Small Businesses like yours get Noticed!

As a small business owner I am always looking into every possible way to insure that my company brand is visible. Well, I came across a great article that featured American Express and Facebook assisting small business like mine and yours and what do you know…the one key element they used for marketing their message

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NY Bartending School sees value in Video Promo

Recently many New Yorkers gathered in pubs and bars in front of huge flat-screen tv’s to watch the NY Giants and the New England Patriots Superbowl Championship Game! This was also a day for NYC bartenders and others beyond the borders of New York City to shine and cash in on the event! Having a

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Despite My Disabilities: Education was not in the textbooks . . .

Hello again smiles. In this installment I will be discussing   obstacles I faced through out my education. I guess I should begin at the genesis. I reached all my milestones at about a year and a half to two years old.  At the age of three or four, I began at a program for children

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Raw Fish &Lumpy Grits: for Success

Raw Fish & Lumpy Grits So after surviving the third interview, making it through the hiring and orientation process you are now happily settled it at your new job. The job is going well, your co- workers are nice and you are finally feeling at ease in your new work home. The bliss and euphoria

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Life Essentials for Success:Selecting Friends

How to Select the Right Friends: It does not matter the decade or for that matter the century we are in, being a teenager or a young adult is not easy. With our global community’s population totals pushing ever so closely to the seven billion mark communication, problem solving and decision making skills will be

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Small Business:Free Resources for in the U.S.

On September 7th, 2011, during his address to a joint session of congress, President Obama’s message was loud and clear: small business is the Unites States of America’s most powerful engine of opportunity and economic growth. A few weeks ago, I attended the White House Urban Entrepreneurship Summit. There were over  200 students of NYC

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Life Essentials for Success: Strengthening and Protecting Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Importance of Self-Esteem in a Child’s : Self-esteem is apart of each person’s social development which begins during infancy and lasts a lifetime.  Parent, educators, religious leaders and neighbors all play an important role in this most delicate process.  What does self- esteem mean?  According to author David Myers in “Exploring Psychology”, self- esteem is one’s feeling of

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Focus:10 Ways to focus on your goals

As you begin to move about in the workforce there will likely be nothing more crucial than staying focused.  Focus is important because it may be the difference between achieving your goals and being frustrated.  Here are ten real life, time tested and personally utilized tips for staying focused and achieving your goals. How to

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Building a Social Business for profit

“Make the change you want to see in the world”, Gandhi Social Business: Are you a change-maker? Have you ever thought “What can I really do to change the world?” You may have heard of many socially-oriented organizations from social enterprises, cooperatives, to non-profit organizations and so on. Well, it seems that an ambitious but

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