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Casting/Production Agency in need of Interns!

Interns needed to work in the Casting/Production office of our virtual volunteer Winsome’s Company WSA/ATLANTA. …. We are currently crewing up for CASTING on a FEATURE FILM as PRODUCING other projects starting ASAP. **APPLY TODAY**  Application Deadline March 31, 2015 Send all info to DKJ@WSAENTERTAINMENT.COM Send Resume, a business appropriate photo and, in 200 words

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Virtual vs. Personal, Black vs. White . . .

Last year I sat on my couch at home and soaked in the first installment of  CNN’s special: Black in America, wondering what other people were thinking. I was craving open discussions, feedback, and the ability to put collaborative plans into action.  Instead of the face to face socializing, I settled for the mass media outlet of blogging and

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Disney’s African American Princess

First African American Princess Disney is planning to release “The Princess and the Frog” later this year. Until this point none of Disney’s Princesses have been African American (A native Indian princess was featured in Pocahontas and Jasmine from Aladdin had an Arabic background).  The animated film will feature Disney’s first African American Princess, right

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