Clean Beaches Week

What is Clean Beaches Week?

Clean Beaches Week was started by the Clean Beaches Coalition to raise awareness and educate others about the problems facing our world’s beaches. It is celebrated from July 1 -7, and was started when the U.S. Senate and Congress passed resolutions that enacted this week. It’s a great way to learn about our environment and help preserve it.

July Fourth and our Beaches

July 4th is a popular beach day. Families and friends flock to our nations’ many beaches to celebrate Independence Day. On this day, millions of Americans will make trips to beaches for fireworks, festivals and parties.  We tend not to think about our impact on these beaches while we’re enjoying ourselves. We leave garbage and waste on the beaches that pollute our oceans and harm the animals in the environment. In addition to harming our environment, waste pollution also makes beach visits unpleasant for other beach goers.

That is why we should clean up after ourselves and keep our beaches clean. This fourth remember our beaches and practice keeping your beach space clean.

Participate and learn more

If you want to learn more about Clean Beaches Week and get more involve you can try doing one of the following:

  • Public Transportation: If you are going to the beach anytime soon , decrease your carbon emission by taking public transportation to the beach
  • Leave nothing Behind: Make sure you leave with anything you came with and throw garbage in the trash.
  • Participate in Beach Cleanup: Volunteer to help clean up a beach. You will help rid beaches of garbage and waste that pollute it.
  • Watch a documentary: Watch a documentary on beach Cleanup. You may enjoy  Mission Blue, The Blue Planet, and A Plastic Ocean.

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