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Colonization: Consequences on Native Americans

3152739_indios11Native Americans were forced to give up their culture and trade it for the Europeans culture. On top of that many of them died from disease. The Columbian Exchange (TCE) was the bardering of the Native Americans and the Europeans. They traded people, plants, food, animals, tools, and most importantly, cultures and disease. During this barder between the two, the exchange brought positive and negative effects on both countries lives. For example a benefit would be that the Native Americans were able to get horses instead of having to walk everywhere they go (via America Before Columbus). A consequence wold be that NAs that disease came and wiped a large percentage of their population. Colonization had a negative effect on Native Americans.

Natives were stripped of there freedom, culture, and religious beliefs. Catholic missionaries from European countries came to the Americas when slavery was first beginning to convert the NAs to christianity. The missionaries taught the natives the European culture, language, and religious beleifs, forcing them to forget their own culture. The Europeans were capturing natives and Africans to be their slaves. The europeans were to lazy to tame to their own crops and didn’t have the money to pay someone to do it for them so they used slaves. The natives and Africans took care of the crops, mostly sugarcane. This connects to my claim because the evidence explains how they were converted to another culture.

Many Native Americans died because of diseases such as smallpox. The Columbian exchange was the exchange of food, animals, people, plants, tools, cultures, and disease. This exchange was the trading between Native Americans and Europeans. During this trade brought disease. When the disease (smallpox) hit the natives a large amount of them died. “…Over 90% of Native Americans died due to smallpox epidemic…”. Historian and doctors are still trying to determine how this epidemic came to the Americas and also what caused it (via America Before Columbus). Europeans brought a devistating epidemic to the Americas causing and awful effect on Native Americans.


The original “feast” that has now become Thanksgiving celebration, ended with approximately 700 Native Americans murdered and many others wounded and emotionally devastated.  Most Native Americans that live on reservations live on or below the poverty level and must pay taxes on their incomes.

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