COVID: The Pandemic and Our Schools

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to devastate the globe, our nation is working on going back to normal. This involves reopening schools and sending students and teachers back to the classroom. Since the situation in some states is worsening, many are questioning whether this is a good idea. 

Is It Safe to Reopen during the Covid pandemic?

We now need to ask ourselves if we’re ready to put our children and ourselves at risk of catching this virus for the coming school year.  Schools are like petri dishes and the Covid virus will spread fast amongst students and staff members. A recent study from South Korea found that children between the ages of 10 and 19 are just as likely as adults to spread the Covid virus. Children who are infected with Covid can easily spread it to their parents and others in their community.

         Many people are asking states to hold off on reopening businesses and schools to help stop the spread of the Covid virus. Experts, like Dr. Fauci, have warned us that reopening too quickly and not taking the proper safety precautions are allowing the virus to spread more quickly.  These warnings have prompted many schools to come up with alternative reopening strategies. For example, some schools have chosen to implement a hybrid system that allows students to go to the class some days and use online learning other days. In addition, instead of forcing students to go back to the classroom, some states are allowing students and parents to decide whether they want to continue with virtual learning or go back to the class environment. 

What will you do?

   This coming school year, students will have a very tough decision to make. If they decide they want to continue with virtual learning they will help flatten the curve from the safety of their homes. Those who decide to go back to the classroom will have to make sure they take every precaution possible to not catch or spread the virus. Precautions that will have to be taken include following social distancing guidelines and wearing a mask.

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