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Unexpected Love and A Big Change: Despite my Disabilities

We welcome back one of our most inspiring authors back to our community. So much has happened to her since we last read her work. This blog’s about how love found her unexpectedly . . . . .



Unexpected Love

The process of finding love can be taxing even in the best of situations. When a person has a disability it’s even more difficult. Under normal circumstances,there is fear anxiety and uncertainty involved. The old adage goes love will arrive when you least expect. However,the process can be very frustrating. In my case,it was no different and very unexpected.

I have always been very shy. I usually would remain quiet out of fear no one would pay attention to and much less respect what I had to say. Leading many to shy away from contact with me. That is not conducive to finding a prospective romantic partner.After gathering some courage I decided to try my hand at online dating. That was an interesting experience to say the least. My experience was not too enticing.

The cost alone was deterring. Add to that the cast of colorful characters I “met” which included one guy that said “I don’t date fat girls” and another who turned out to be a catfish who ended up demanding $1400 ( which I did not hand over) turned me off to the online dating game. That is why finding love was unexpected.

Luckily for me I went to visit my best friend in New York for a few months and ended up meeting an acquaintance of hers,we talked a bit and ended up switching numbers and left it at that. When I arrived back to Puerto Rico where I was residing at the time, I set the happenings to the back recesses of my mind and continued with life. Not long after that we coincidentally found each other on a site and started talking. For the first time in my life, I took charge and initiated a conversation with a guy. We decided to talk over the phone not long after. Gods was that nerve wracking I remember debating on picking up the phone when he called and talking a mile a minute when I did because I was so nervous.

Slowly I overcame my fear and over the next few months we got to know each other better. One night suddenly he asked me to be exclusive, which was unexpected, with him after processing and pondering the proposition for a while I decided to take the plunge. That was literally what it felt like when you prop yourself on a ledge seconds before letting go and dropping through an abyss your scared of what you’ll find at the bottom but ultimately your curiosity wins out. I took the plunge and I felt like a giddy school girl when I did.

In making what turned out a monumental decision, I closed one chapter of my life and began another. I didn’t know it at the time but three little words set in motion the most trying and exhilarating period of my life up to that moment. The words? Yes I will….


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