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Despite my Disabilities: Obstacles & Academia

How I Overcame my Obstacles:


Hello again!  Smiles! in this installment I will talk about the obstacles I faced through out my academic life. I guess I should begin at the genesis,I reached all my milestones at about a year and a half to two years old. At the age of three or four,I began  a program for children with special needs where I received classes and occupational therapy. However,the experience was less than stellar and was a major obstacle for me to overcome. Instead of being taught and aided as I was supposed to I was molested by two male staff members smiles shyly… after my stint at the center,I entered kindergarten at a private school near my home, that in itself was an ordeal.I was first made to take an IQ test as a prerequisite for admission. That showed that while I was above average in many areas I was below average in many others. Another requirement was that I needed a  bodyguard while on school grounds since I was the only disabled child at the school.

As a result, my mother had to come to the school three or more times a day to take me up and down multiple flights of stairs that were as many as five flights. Let’s add to this that I looked extremely different I had olive skin was chubby had braces on both legs and was the only student in school that wore sneakers all day sigh.

My disabilities and the braces made running and playing impossible and becoming and placed some social obstacles in front of me. So I became the typical outcast shunned by others keeping to myself. The other kids didn’t understand me or my situation so they laughed and bothered me going as far as sexually harassing me for years and we think that young children cannot sexually harass each other guess again (nods).

With the school’s policy of kids will be kids nothing was ever done until I was severely emotionally affected.

To top this all off, from grades first to six I was out the first semester of the year pretty much because I would have surgeries during the summer. So I was homeschooled the first six months of school and mainstreamed the last six months . My experience with home schooling was a literal joke because it was so easy and made no sense to me at the time….in essence I had six months to cover one year of education which by the grace of god I managed every time with a near 4. 0 average (yes sim a book worm lol). My only problem was in the first grade where I was left back because the teacher did not take the time to evaluate and understand my situation and decided to retain me so I was forced to repeat the grade without a valid justification.

High school was an entirely new experience it opened a brand new world to me. I moved from a private school to a public High school. The experience to me at first was scary and exciting. New people and new teachers. For the first time in my life, I was transporting my self,using mass transit instead of depending on my family for help. However,when I hit those doors I new it was a new ballgame for me. Lucky for me I made a close knit group of friends that helped me understand my surroundings and overcome some of the obstacles that lay ahead of me. School work was fun and  after school activities were great too. I had to use the elevator all through out high school. That was a problem because the aides had the keys and sometimes they were not there when I needed them. If not the elevator broke often, so I was not able to go to class and had to remain in the library the entire day making up what ever work was necessary for those days by myself and with a paraprofessional ,a person who in cases where the student was unable to attend class retrieved their course work and lunch or other things they needed. Despite my obstacles in high school I was put on an advanced track, which is known as the regents’ track. I was sailing smoothly in all my classes except math do to my many medical conditions math and myself don’t mix smiles. One of my teachers offered to try to put me in resource for math specifically but I did not qualify since I was talented in my other academic areas. Even with my math problems and the problems getting around school I managed to work, was part of the after-school program, was a reporter for the newspaper, writing several crucial reports and in general thoroughly enjoyed my High school experience. Graduating with a near 4.0 average in 2001.

Next installment I’ll discuss my move to my current home and my college experiences until then many blessings.

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