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Educational Sites and Parents: Creating a Plan

Starting Your Child’s Education off on the Right path:

Being a parent is not easy and one of the toughest parts begins when you introduce education into your child’s life. Initially, parents start teaching their kids about the importance of education by buying workbooks like Kumon, Pre-Scholar, big kid, etc. Given the short attention span of children it essential that these worksheets are educational as well as fun. Once parents start working with their children, they discover that not all kids have the same aptitude for learning. Learning new concepts and information will be easy for some kids and hard for others. That is why some parents create customized lesson plans. They also choose workbooks and sheets that allow their children to learn at their own pace. Now educational sites are changing the way parents teach their children.

Great Educational Sites for lesson plans:

Some parents choose to teach their children skills that will make learning less difficult for them. Like me, they customize the study experience by cherry picking each and every worksheet they find. Many use online resources to create their plans. However, browsing through the internet takes too much time and sorting through all those materials can be tiresome. I, personally, have a hard time making sure that I am covering different skill sets. Now there are sites to help me and other parents.  Educational sites such as Education.com, jumpstart.com, teachlingo.com are sites parents like me are using to create lessons for kids.

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Educational sites provide compiled worksheets, workbooks, pre-compiled lessons plan to make it easier for parents to pick and choose what to teach their children. Teachers and children caregivers personally create these sheets. Some websites even carry certifications. Certain sites like Education.com  charge monthly/annual subscriptions for access to printable sheets. Paid sites offer more high-quality sheets, and make it easier for parents to chart their children’s progress. Parents are able to generate custom workbooks based on academic challenges and needs. This way parents are able to help kids work on their weaknesses according to their flexibility. They are, especially, beneficial for parents who are homeschooling their kids because they help them create lesson plans.

Changing the Face of Education

Today’s  educational systems are bonded by a set curriculum, they are not flexible enough to allow children to learn at their own pace. Parents have also discovered that children show the greatest interest in learning when parents are highly involved because kids are less afraid to ask for help and guidance.


When parents teach their children it is a fun experience for both the child and the parent.  Parents have a load of methods of doing them, finding options such as Education or Jumpstart makes it easier for them to plan, organize and create a long term plan.

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