Environment: 10 Ways to help the Environment

Don’t throw away your clothes

Did you know that you can protect our environment by donating old clothes? Many people throw their clothes away or give them away to companies that resell their clothes. If you can, please keep your clothes or give them to someone who will use them! Companies that take clothing donations often only keep clothing for a specific amount of time and may send them to landfills where they take years to deteriorate if they are not sold. Think of family members or friends who will wear that clothing! That way, you can decrease the chances that your article of clothing will be sent to a landfill. 

Limit your meat consumption 

Meat production uses large amounts of land which is often cleared and displaces organisms that previously inhabited the region. This was seen in Brazil as the desire to expand cattle ranching actually led to deforestation. To do your part, limit your meat consumption. It is important to keep up with your dietary needs. Figure out a plan for limiting your meat consumption works. Many people go one day of each week without eating meat, for example. 

Use more natural light (Open up those curtains!)

Take advantage of the natural light in your home by opening up your blinds or curtains. This can reduce your electricity usage and brighten your residence. Don’t have that much natural light to use? Invest in some energy-efficient light bulbs instead! They will reduce energy consumption while fulfilling your lighting needs. 

Start using reusable water bottles

Instead of using plastic water bottles that are thrown away after they are used invest in a reusable water bottle. Not only will this help to reduce the amount of plastic being disposed of in landfills, but it will also make your life easier! Instead of having to keep purchasing plastic water bottles, you can buy one and use it for a long period of time! 

Conserve your water usage 

Many people waste water without even realizing it. Make sure you turn off all faucets when you are not using them, including when you brush your teeth. Take a few minutes to brush your teeth with the faucet off, then turn it back on to rinse! Simple things like that will make all the difference. Make sure you are also conscious of how much water you use while washing dishes. This task can actually waste a lot of water, so make sure you turn your faucet off when you aren’t actively using it. 

Reuse old paper 

Chances are you probably have paper lying around your home that you do not use. Use it! Old scraps of paper can be reused very easily. Reuse that paper to make grocery lists, scratch work, and whatever you may need to write down. But, make sure you conserve that paper. For grocery lists, try and cut out squares from your paper so that you can have multiple sheets to use.  

Wait till you have a full load for laundry 

Washing Machines use a lot of water. Make sure you have a full load of clothing before you put it in the washer. Think of it like this: if you are putting in less than a full load, you’re missing out on that extra space! Make sure you put in a full load so you can avoid using the washing machine too much and consuming too much water. 

Invest in a reusable grocery bag 

Keep plastics out of our natural environment.To avoid collecting all those plastic grocery bags at checkout, invest in some reusable grocery bags. That way, you will not be wasting so much plastic and you will be able to take your groceries home in style! Already have plastic grocery bags from your past grocery store trips? Reuse them! You can use them as makeshift lunch bags or use them as garbage bags in your house. 

Buy second hand clothing 

Instead of purchasing clothing that will only have one use, go to a thrift store and buy second hand clothing! That way, you will be able to make the most out of the piece of clothing while helping to keep it from being discarded in a landfill. 

Donate to an environmental organization 

Many non-profit organizations right now are still working to relieve stress put onto certain ecosystems, organisms, and the environment as a whole. You can help them in their fight by donating! Many take online payments and may even send you newsletters to keep you updated on their fight for the environment. 

Our planet is facing pressure from human consumption more than ever. How can we help to take some of this pressure off? Doing one, or more, of these things will make all the difference! 

For more information on how we can protect our environment click here.

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