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Everyday Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Styling thin hair can be a nightmare. Many of the styles that add volume and texture require a lot of product in thin hair, and even then it often doesn’t hold its shape. These struggles can cause confidence issues and frustration for women who want to feel beautiful and stylish.

Fortunately, there are ways to tame your thin hair into submission and add the illusion of volume and thickness. Here are some everyday hairstyles to take your thin hair to the next level. 

Deep Side Part

The deep side part is a lifesaver for people with thin hair, a high forehead, or both. Think of it as the female version of a combover without any of the negative connotations. 

A middle part can often make thin hair look like a helmet, sticking to the head and accentuating its thinness. By adding a deep side part, you’re forcing hair against its natural growth pattern and creating volume. For the best possible results, part your wet hair an inch or two from the middle and dry it against the natural growth. Over time, you can train your hair to naturally fall into this part.

Asymmetrical Long Bob

One struggle with thin hair is that the longer it gets, the more scraggly it looks at the ends. A long bob adds length without getting to that point. By making it an asymmetrical long bob, you add dimension and style that works remarkably well with the deep part mentioned previously.

Work with a stylist to add texture to your hair for a wavy long bob that will give you more volume. This is a versatile look that can be flat ironed to look sleek and chic, or tousled to look bohemian and care-free.

Pixie Cut

Keeping your hair cropped is a fantastic way to stop battling with thinness. Opt for a short Mia Farrow inspired pixie or a longer stacked or faded pixie. The latter two looks will allow you to change up the style by creating faux hawks and pompadours. 

When you have a pixie cut, it’s easier to protect your hair and experiment with different styles by wearing a wig. A-list celebrities like the Kardashians, Cardi B, and Kiera Knightley all swear by wigs to get the long, brightly colored locks we envy. You can visit EvaWigs and see some of these styles in action.

Front-Only Layers

Layers are often used to thin out thicker hair. However, with the right technique, you can use them to add volume to thin hair as well. 

Work with a stylist to get front-only layers that frame your face. This will help create movement and lift, creating the illusion of more volume. Opt for a straight cut at the back to maximize thickness in this area.

Low Ponytail

A messy, low ponytail is a great everyday thin hairstyle that looks fantastic with thin hair. Add volume and texture with a shot of dry shampoo or texturizing spray— a thin-haired girls’ best friend—, and pull a few pieces loose for a voluminous, casually elegant look. 

You can also enhance the look by creating a wrapped ponytail. Grab a portion of your hair from the pony and wrap it around the elastic for a simple-yet-beautiful look that carries over from the office to social events.

Teased Braids

Braids are another way to style thin hair to keep it back while adding texture. Teasing those braids will take that look to the next level. Don’t be intimidated by the word teasing— this isn’t the hair-killing technique of the 1980s. In this context, it means loosening your braids and adding depth.

Weave your braids tightly then use a toothbrush or teasing brush to rough them up. You can also do a pull-through braid to maximize your volume.

Use these everyday thin hair styles to fall in love with your thin hair. With practice, you’ll be channeling your inner red carpet diva in no time.

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