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Extend your brand reach and transform visitors and subscribers into devoted lifelong customers with a video

How do you define a brand? Well, I went to Wikipedia to get the official definition. The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a “Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.” [1] A brand is thus a product or service whose dimensions differentiate it in some ways from other products or services designed to satisfy the same need.
“A great brand raises the bar — it adds a greater sense of purpose to the experience, whether it’s the challenge to do your best in sports and fitness, or the affirmation that the cup of coffee you’re drinking really matters.” – Howard Schultz (president, CEO, and chairman of Starbucks)- Wikipedia
How do you define your brand? I’ll give you a minute to sum it up. Hopefully that was a no brainer and ideally you should have been able to define what it is and the purpose of use very easily within a sentence or two.
Now,what measures are you taking to insure that you are doing everything you can possibly do to extend your reach to your target audience, keep them engaged and turn them into loyal and devoted customers and followers?
Let’s do a quick check list to see how visual your brand is:
Do you have an active company and or personal website showcaseing your brand or talent? A website of course is your online digital business card. As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So be sure that it is up an operational and for any reason its underconstruction, be sure to have a message on how potential customers can reach you. Otherwise, it’s like calling for takeout on a busy weekend and if no one answers the phone to take your order, then you are more likely to go somewhere elese for what you want! Be sure that your interface is easy to navigate, one of the worst things to turn me away from any website is not being able to find what I want easily.
Have you at least created brand accounts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and NOW Pinterest? Pinterest is the hottest growing photo sharing website  and can be your visual branding board which can allow more engagement with your audiance. With each “pin-up” the viewer can see photos of  your latest new dish of the day is, cool gift ideas for any occasion or what the next clothing trend off the runway. This is your chance to really personalize your brand! Your business is worth the time to set up profiles and with the new interfaces on all of the above sites mentioned you can now add more information on giveaways, promotions for the services you offer. Sites like these are making it easier to signup with a one click connect from an pre existing account you may alreay have and they also offer ways to share your content to other sites with ease. Everyone wants exclusivity and haveing these accounts can allow them to your brand! Your digital footprints should be effective and sustainable.
Do you have brand advocates? These third parties or advocates can be friends or family, experts such as doctors, social groups, bloggers or journalists that assist you in promoting your brand/content.
Text Marketing is in it’s infantcy stage but is gaining popularity with teens!  It is relatively inexpensive and allows businesses to reach out to highly targeted consumers. Text messaging can be very effective for event promotion, concerts, trips, travel, etc. Now, there are some setbacks to this form of advertising, again know your targeted consumers and be sure this is the right approach. It is a good idea to apply other successful marketing programs to texting, as well, giving them a text spin. Otherwise it maybe seen as annoying, unwanted and possible an invasion of personal digital space!
Lastly, do you have at least one professional video posted and/or shared on each of your social media sites showcasing your amazing product or personal brand. Your video(s) should be unique, target a specific audience and offer a solution to a need. Also, having a promotional video offers more personalize engagement with your current and potential customers/community. Videos will enhance client communication and collaboration, and help support and drive new business. You and/or your company’s brand video can be assessed from anywhere now days with the help of  smart phones, your iPad or tablet, laptop or home computer.
A great example of a brand that has successfully extended thier reach and maintains a steady increase of followers is LifeStyle Expert and Media Journalist Abiola Abrams of KissandTell TV.  She is a social media shiek geek in her own right for being a head of the curve with the strategic use of brand marketing and social networking. Abiola’s website (AbiolaTV.com) is a great example of how to market a personal brand. I had the pleasure of working with the talented and fabulous Abiola while shooting her interview with Spirit Junkie Gabrielle Bernstien to promote her new book titled, Medi-Dating. Each of  these ladies has successfuly used most of the tools I mentioned and capped it off with a fantastic promotional video crafted by ICreateTV.

Love Advice with Abiola Abrams and Gabrielle Bernstein: Spirit Junkie, MediDating and Meditation


Other ways to use video to extend your reach is through Diary-Style videos, Training Videos and Reviews to name a few.
To sum things up, this check list consists of affordable and FREE advertising for everyone! If you find yourself missing any of these items, you should be asking yourself what are you waiting for? Your business maybe suffering from lack of exposure and proper brand marketing. Done right, brand work should improve your return on investment for all advertising and sales efforts.
As I always like to say: Your Brand Should Be Simply Unforgettable” and one of the best ways to turn visitors to loyal customers is having a an online visual presence and adding a video can allow the viewer a chance to get to know, trust and invest in your brand. Aren’t you worth it?
Your vision is my business. Serving a Purpose. Making a Difference.
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