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Frugal Fun-14 Unusual Uses of Coca Cola

images-43Hi folks!  Let’s explore the 14 Uses of Coca Cola, and I know what you’re thinking…the same thing you thought about the Vodka; What other way can I  use this product? So today, we will explore the many interesting ways to really “Enjoy” and Live on the “Coke side of life”

1)Has your pots stepped into the dark side? De-blacken your pots with Coca-Cola! Pour about an inch of coke into the pot and allow it to boil on low heat, boil after an hour or so and wash as you normally would.

2)Now I am a prolific gum chewer, and although I have had no experiences with gum stuck in my hair (at least not as an adult) I found this to be interesting. If you ever get gum stuck in your hair, dip the part of your hair that has the gum in a bowl or cup of Coca Cola. Allow it to set for a few minutes, and the gum will wipe right off!

3)Coca Cola can Remove carpet stains! Depending on the depth of the damage, pour Coca Cola directly onto the stain. Allow it to sit for several minutes, then gently scrub with a brush. use mild soap and water to remove residue.

4)Feeling a little congested and have cold like symptoms? Not into taking medicated pills or syrups? Well, drinking a hot cup of coca will do the trick! Boil some coca cola over the stove,(make sure its not in a pot that needs “de-blackened” otherwise you’d be drinking a concoction of Chock Full O’ Coke and Crap!) Drink it before bed, and you’ll be well rested.

5)Remove grease, asphalt, creosote, wine, and blood from your clothes!

6)Clean your toilet bowl by pouring a can of coke directly into the bowl. Let it sit for about an hour (be sure everyone in the house uses the other restroom, or if you’re stuck with one like me, make sure everyone uses the toilet before you try this) After allowing the Coke to sit for an hour, flush clean!

7)I know in the icy winter, you get tired of scraping ice from the windshields of your cars. Well, there’s  an interesting remedy. The acid in the coke can melt the ice. Pouring some Cola over the windshield will thaw it right off!
8)Remove rust from chromed car bumpers! Take a piece of crumpled aluminum foil dipped in Cola and get to scrubbing! (Be careful not to scratch and scrape the chrome folks!). You can also remove rust from windows, and doors.

9)Remove oil stains from your driveway! Cola magically removes oil stains from cement and tar, just pour Cola directly onto oil stains, let it soak, and hose away!

10)There are so many remedies to get rid of hiccoughs (or hiccups) and guess what? Coca Cola is one of them! Take a mouthful of Coke and gargle it and knock those hiccoughs right out! (I know, I know, can’t wait to get the hiccoughs right?)

11)Colic baby got you up all night and the milk/formula isn’t doing the belching job? Well, I have news for all of my frustrated moms. Allow some warm cola to sit out throughout the day, (this allows the bubbles to die out) Stir the cola every now and then. When the time comes, pour the Cola into the bottle, and hear your baby belch into a good night’s rest! (Be sure the Cola is room temperature and flat. Use regular Cola, not diet)

12)Want some of your photos to have that old antique look? Well soaking a new photo in a pan or bowl, in 1/2 inch of coke can do the job! Soak the photo covered in Cola for a few minutes until you get the color you desire (Be sure to have a duplicate photo in case you mess it up)

13)Feeling a little nauseated? Drinking a teaspoon of Coke every hour helps cure the nausea, it also helps with upset stomachs. (Be sure the Coke is FLAT before using)

And of course, I must include this last use in honor of my MOM:

14) The Cola Ice Cream Float! Rinse a tall glass and place in freezer WITHOUT drying it off (this will allow frost to build in the glass which will help it stay cold while you make the float) after a few minutes, remove the glass from freezer and immediately place two or three scoops of ice cream into the glass. Slowly, and I mean VERY SLOWLY, pour the Cola on top of the ice cream. It will begin to fizzle and foam, and may over flow the glass. Be patient and allow the Cola to perform its debut with the Ice Cream. Place a straw and a spoon in the glass and ENJOY!
If you’re anything like my mom, you’d want to make the best out of a great snack, so for best results, take a spoonful of the ice cream, place it in your mouth, then take a sip of the Cola, and allow the Cola to melt the ice cream. Repeat as necessary, with an occasional Mmmmmm every now and then 😉

WOW, who would have thought Coca Cola had so many uses?
Let me know if and when any of you folks try these methods! Next, we’ll explore the other places in your home where you should have a jar of honey!

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