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Frugal Fun-6 unconventional uses for Toothpaste

Whether Colgate, Crest, or if you’re really living frugally; Aim, or some other generic brand, Here we shall begin exploring how to use that tube of paste in places besides your face.

photo credit: www.richmondsmilecenter.com
photo credit: www.richmondsmilecenter.com

1)Have your children made use of the walls for their own artistic means? Well, you can be an artist too!
Get a damp cloth, and this we’ll call your canvass- grab your tube of paste, rub the spotted areas, rinse with a clean wet cloth and voila!

2) Aside from cleaning carpet stains, want to see how dirty your carpet really is? Use an abrasive brush, toothpaste, and warm water- scrub away and the stain will lift, compare the area you’ve scrubbed with the area you have not.
See how dirty?

3)I have noticed overtime that the keys on a piano tend to discolor from white, to an off white-ivory-baige-yellowish color (in that exact order). Using toothpaste can bring those off keys back to its original color. Clean the keys as if they were actual teeth by using the toothpaste, and scrubbing them with a toothbrush. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

4)Now if you are anyone like myself, rarely do you read the tags on your clothing to see what levels of heat to apply while ironing. In fact, you’d wait until you have burned your clothing to fuss: “What kind of material is this!”
Is it then you’d look at the tag?
(Do not get angry at the iron- totally not its fault)iron burns
In result of this, not only does your clothing burn, but so does the iron, which then leads to burned build up on the ironing part of the iron

Put that abrasive brush to use again, along side some toothpaste, and your iron will be good as new (maybe not AS new but definitely better than it was)

5)This one I find the most interesting, toothpaste can serve as a great finger nail and toe nail cleaner. Scrub your nails with toothpaste, using a toothbrush and…Keep me posted.

6)Coffee cup ring stains circling around the coffee table? Well, rub some toothpaste into the marks with a soft cloth, then wipe dry with a damp cloth. Finish the job with some good ol’ furniture polish to prevent coffee stains around your table. Or you can simply use Coasters.

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