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Full Circle: FE Network Radio

Future Executives, Incorporated launches FE Network Radio

Real Talk is honest, heartfelt, a soulful exchange, motivating. You get all that and then some from FE  Network Radio.

FE Network Radio
S. Monet Wahls in her college radio days


Preparing our youth for current as well as prospective occupational trends is at the core of Future Executives, Inc’s, mission. Our research shows many children and young adults 8-25 are not exposed to a variety of non-traditional career options at home or school. Sadly, they believe they are limited to a 9-5 existence. The reality is majority of our career market is now global and the vast amount of 9-5’s that have been available during the last millennium, are soon to be a thing of the past.

Future Executives Incorporated’s virtual community already offers vocational exposure, exploration and education via our blogs, media, entrepreneur games and virtual volunteers sections.  We have a great group of virtual volunteers who share their mini biographies to inspire. FE network radio show segments* take sharing to the next level by extending the narratives of our virtual volunteers via earnest conversations which offer insight into a variety of career opportunities.

FE Network Radio
Our Founder and Prez (far left) chilling with friends in the station.

Beginning October 3rd , 2010 and every 1st Sunday of the month thereafter, our shows will be available in our media section under FE Network Radio at 12:00am.  Our programming line up for the next five months includes:

Cheryl Toddman “It’s the perfect marriage.” Cheryl discusses her elaborate marketing background and the story of how she began dance training at the age of 29, is a professional dancer, trained others and worked with renowned choreographers.  She is currently meshing her talents to produce “The Stars of New York Dance” October 12th 2010.

Robin Caldwell “I was born to do this.” One door opens and enters Robin who instinctively was doing “this”. “O is that what you call this?”,  was her response when told she was good at Public Relations. Robin discusses the many avenues of Public Relations, the importance of technology in the scheme of things and how her reputation placed her current gig in the palm of her hand.

Buck 3000 “I just knew I would get fired.” Buck 3000 discussed his journey of how his desires to be an artist lead to music engineering and producing.  He also shares the mishaps and almost career ending mixing experience that propelled his very first project into a Billboard chart topper.

Tiffany Gardenhire “Hey, I like this.” Tiffany was a temporary employee when she learned about the field of Human Resources. “ She gives insight into outsourcing career opportunities and discusses compliance laws that anyone who is starting a growing business with employees should be aware of.

Darrell Davis “ There are lots of opportunities in Community Activism.” During Darrell’s 30 plus years, he has obtained a large and varied network full of politician and celebrities who offered all kinds of career opportunities. There were many who laughed at then candidate for President, Mr. Obama, who proudly referenced his community activism as vital experience.  Darrell discusses the vast paths that are available.

FE Network Radio
Larnie ‘Uptown” Richardson, then as General Manager of the WCOW Radio Station

The original projected launch for our radio show was in February, 2010. In September 2009, we began test runs on a free radio blog cast and decided it was best to keep the process in-house-on our website. That decision began a year long process that included increasing our upload capacity and training ourselves to use several engineering tools, which in the end, made production easier (thank you Larnie Richardson for the training, providing the “voice” for the drops and co-producing). I have been away from the process of interviewing, editing and mixing for so long and was not sure I could do it anymore. You won’t know listening to these segments but I was so nervous!! Indeed a lot has changed but, I got into my flow and all the skills I acquired many years ago as a radio Program Director, Music Director and Writer/Journalist emerged.  While editing, I discovered organic angles within the interviews. Every time I listen to the interviews, I continue to be inspired by the openness and integrity of our guests.  We are optimistic that you will feel the same and look forward to your feedback of FE network radio where we are Building a community of leaders.

*All segments are pre-taped

Future Executives, Inc. mission

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