Grocery Shopping activities for Mom and Kids

I am a mom of two, which means  I am very busy and my kids are always busy. So in the midst of all the chaos, the burden of grocery shopping falls on me. Unfortunately, this fast-paced lifestyle does not always allow me to do our grocery shopping at a leisure pace unless the kids are at school.


Turning Grocery Shopping into a lesson on organization:

A lot of moms end up taking their kids with them to the grocery store, which can easily turn into a stressful ordeal. From temper throwing toddlers to disappearing kids, I have seen it all. But it does not always need to be the case, especially for older children. This can be an incredible learning opportunity. Grocery shopping can teach them about psychological behavior, consumer trends, marketing techniques, pricing economics, interior decoration and more. How you ask? As soon as you enter the grocery store, your child  gets an education on the art of cleanness and tidiness. Children can learn to appreciate the art of classification and organization by observing how items in the store are arranged. The resulting chaos if this was not the case is a good conversation to have.

Grocery Shopping and Financial Management:

Parents can use grocery shopping to teach children about financial management by talking to them about discounts and saving. One way to do this is to have your child make a simple profit or loss analysis. You can also let your child decide whether the purchase of an item is normal in terms of your consumption pattern. Allowing your children to make purchasing decisions can help shape their shopping habits as adults.

Other ways to use grocery shopping as a learning opportunity

1.Let you child manage your shopping budget to give them real life planning experience.

2.Make your child observe different shoppers. Observing the kinds of products they purchase will be a good lesson on market research.

3. Also point out different marketing techniques such as the position of items.

I hope this helps to make shopping a less hectic experience, and a great learning opportunity for your children. Happy Shoping!!!!


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