Read: Habits of Successful People

One thing that very successful people have in common is that they read. For instance, people like Mark Cuban,  and Bill Gates make reading part of their daily routine. Mark Cuban chooses to read 3 hours a day , while Bill Gates reads for an hour every night before he goes to bed. why would anyone waste time reading? Well, Research has shown that it benefits the brain in many ways and can help improve your life, so if you want to be successful start reading.



Why Read?: The Benefits:

Below are the benefits of reading and why it will help you succeed.

  •  Stimulates the Brain: Reading helps to keep the brain active
  • Makes you Smarter:  Each time you do it you take in new information. Information that can help you start your own business or even write the next best seller.
  •  Makes you more articulate: Reading helps you gain more vocabulary words, which will help you improve your speaking and writing skills
  • Improves your memory: Your memory improves because each time you read you have to remember a new set of information. It is good exercise for the brain.
  • Improves Focus and Concentration: This a very important in today’s multi-tasking world. When you read you draw all your attention to whatever your reading, and block out everything else.
  • Brings you tranquility: reading will bring you inner peace and calm.

Why would anyone not like reading? Many successful people read. Bill Gates and Mark Cuban are just two. Not only does it help keep your brain active, it also improves your memory, makes you smarter, gives you peace of mind, and improves focus and concentration. So next time you’re on the couch not doing anything, pick up a book, newspaper, or anything you like and start reading.



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