Holidays: Businesses Adapt to the Pandemic

Seasonal businesses have always found a way to ensure that people can celebrate the holidays. Even the pandemic has not stopped them from delivering their season items to people. The U.S. Chamber has gathered a list of businesses that have adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic to help people continue their celebrations.

Christmas Tree Delivery for the Holidays

Traditionally, people have visited shops and farms to pick their own Christmas tree. However, the circumstances are different this year. To make up for these this, stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s have started offering Christmas Trees that are available online for delivery. Christmas tree farms such as Brown’s Tree Farm in Michigan are also offering trees online; customers can choose the size and and type of tree. Then a staff cuts the tree, package it, and send it directly to their homes.

Holiday attractions, but make them drive-thru

Even before the pandemic, people have started to visit drive-through holiday attractions. Many drive-through holiday attractions have emerge in the pandemic and are allowing people to view lights and decorations from the safety of their own cars. A new holiday attractions is WonderLAnd which is based in Los Angeles. WonderLAnd is described as a “drivable North Pole” which will feature lights synchronized to music, elves, candy canes. In addition, it will feature Mr. and Mrs. Claus, tree forest, and photo opportunities.

Catering for the holidays

Many catering businesses have experienced a significant drop in sales due to less gatherings during the holidays. However, they have found another way to conduct business. Considering many people are hosting virtual parties, businesses have found an opportunity and are taking advantage of it. For example, San Francisco- based caterer Burke & Black have began offering individual and group-sized boxes consisting of artisan fruits, nuts, cheeses, and charcuterie. These boxes will allow people to enjoy the festivities together and enjoy the same meals, except they will be together virtually.

Musical performances held virtually

The holidays would not be the same without music, hence live online events have been introduced to keep the holiday spirit going. Virtual holiday musicals and concerts will be produced to allow families to celebrate the holidays from their homes.

Shopping for gifts online

People have been shopping online more in the pandemic. They can even purchase gifts online. While stores are offering their products online, people can also shop virtually with a real person to help pick their gifts. For instance, the Brooks Collection, a Tennessee-based gift store, has added virtual shopping features to allow their customer to shop for gifts online. In addition, the owner, Watty Brooks Hall mentioned that the store allows customers to book FaceTime appointments with staff who can walk them through the store. They have also began showcasing the products more on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

Santa is still visiting, but he will do so virtually

Visits from Santa or visiting Santa in person is a major holiday tradition. However, Santa will be unable to visit families the traditional way this year. Instead, businesses have created online platforms that will allow Santa to visit virtually across different time zones. Even more, families can customize Santa with preferences including language, ethnicity, faith, and sensitive Santa for families with special needs children. These visits are new, but will allow Santa to safely visit families all around the world.

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